Can I ride a dirtbike on the trails?

Luvs and off-road motorcycles are not allowed on Burnett County Forest lands at any time.

Are LUV's legal on the trails?

No. Wisconsin is testing them out in 5 other counties for the next 2 years as a pilot program. They remain illegal for public trail use in Burnett county at this time.

How often do the trails get groomed?

They are groomed almost on a weekly basis. The Turf and Tundra club is responsible for them. A few devoted people make sure that we have some of the best groomed trails in the state. Supporting the club will assure that they stay in good shape.

Is it legal to ride off trail?

No, it can get expensive to get a ticket if caught. It is the major cause that hurts our chances of getting more new legal trails in. Please stay on the signed trails.

Why is the speed limit different in Webb Lake?

Webb Lake has their own speed limit of 10mph with in all of the town limits. Please respect it so we don't lose routes. The rest of Burnett county is 20mph on roads unless marked otherwise. Speeding on road routes is one of the major causes of accidents and loss of road routes.