About Us

Turf and Tundra was founded in the spring of 1998. At that time there were no defined trails or routes in Burnett county. Since that time the club has worked hard to get the current trail system and routes in.

There are currently over 118 miles of funded trails and routes along with 15 miles of unfunded ones. The Burnett county trail system now connects to Douglas county to the north and Washburn county to the east via defined ATV road routes. This allows a person to enjoy many more miles of ATV riding.

Both winter and summer riding is allowed. Portions of the winter snowmobile system is open to ATV use, making Burnett county an all around place to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. The trails do close briefly each spring for thaw-out conditions.

Turf and Tundra produced its first trail map in 2001. It now includes many business locations and sponsors on it. This years map will also include portions of Douglas and Washburn countys on it.

Currently we have over 150 members in the club along with 51 business members that help support our efforts. We welcome you to join our club, with the help of members the trail system can only get better.

We have a total of 118.2 miles of trails, routes and troutes that we take care of. We have a tractor and a mower and a 8.6x11 foot drag and a box scraper and a pick up truck and a 6 passenger Polaris UTV. We also have chain saws, weed eaters, clumpers and a post hole digger, We average about 100 hours of grooming a month with the tractor and 50 hrs a summer mowing and we also do other maintenance on the trails such as signing, brushing and cleaning and cutting up trees that come down on the trails. This is done by all volunteers of Turf and Tundra ATV club. If you would be interested in volunteering your time to help, please contact us.

Thank You