September 2016 Minutes

The final club meeting of this season was called to order by President Ron Gray on Friday, September 16, 2016, at Hillside Inn, 33595 State Rd 35, Danbury, WI 54830, at 6:17PM. There were 36 members in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting of August 20, 2016, were read by Secretary Joan Williamson. Motion was made by Rod White, seconded by Carl Link, to approve the minutes as read.

Financial Report was presented by Treasurer Cheryl Gray. The bank balance as of August 20, 2016, is $46,206.17. An itemized list of income and expenses is attached to this document. Motion to approve the financial report as read was made by Erik Hagen, seconded by Bill Roettger.

Trails and Equipment:

President Gray reported that most of the trails are in good condition. Harvey Thompson used the bush hog to flatten corners on Trail 8. All equipment is in good running condition. The tractor warranty expires this year so we are checking into a new tractor.

Bill Roettger and Dan Hole are currently working on correcting some issues with the groomer. Improvements (new skid pads, better spindles, etc.) will increase the equipment’s functionality.

Trail 121 is still closed until further notice. We will work with the Forestry Department in hopes of opening it up for use next season.

President Gray met with the Natural Resources Committee to address a proposed plan to connect Trail 151 with Big McGraw Lake Road. This change will allow access to Otis’ Bar in Dairyland. The proposal was approved as a Troute. Signs will be posted and funding for maintenance with be forthcoming.

The trails are in good shape and the snowmobile club will soon take over the winter grooming. Our club can still work on signage, swamp brush cutting, etc. if we want.

President Gray then thanked all the groomers who kept the trails in good shape this year: Bill Roettger, Harvey Thompson, Bruce Peyton, Kevin Darwin, Shelly Ross and Larry O’Connell.

He also thanked the trail workers who volunteered their time in various ways: Nip, Tom Wallace, Ken Parent, Dan Hole, Mike Wagner and Dick Couch. County Summer Trails have officially closed but have reopened as County Winter Trails and are now open to any type vehicle.

President Gray also asked club members to be alert for a few ATVers who are causing problems on trails (i.e. cutting corners, riding on the shoulders and off trail, etc.). If anyone sees violators, please use your cell phone to take a photo of the license number and inform Ron. We need to maintain wise trail use or townships may close them.


On 9/17 Oakridge is sponsoring an ATV/UTV show to support the Burnett County Humane Society. There will be music, food, etc. The event costs $10 and starts at noon.

The Turf and Tundra annual pizza and bowling party will be held late October or early November. An email notice will be sent when the date is set. Dates will be posted on Facebook and the club website as well.

Swiss Township initially decided to postpone dealing with the opening up of 11 roads for ATV/UTV use until their October meeting. Plans changed and they decided to have an advisory referendum vote that would open all township roads for ATV/UTV use. The club wants residents (who are confused about this issue) to know that the club is only interested in opening up sections of roads that would allow people to access the trail system from their homes. The club has no interest in making a new trail system throughout Swiss Township. More information will be forthcoming.

Public Comment:
Denise Peyton has club tees and hats. She also mentioned if anyone would like a club jacket or sweatshirt they can order one from Deb’s Embroidery on Main Street in Danbury. She has the club logo and can put it one any of her garments.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ron White, seconded by Tom Ross. Meeting was adjourned at 6:37.

Respectfullly submitted,


                                        Joan Williamson, Secretary