Riding Season Information


Summer trails are from the Friday before Memorial day until Sept. 15th. You must use the summer funded trail map. You may not ride anywhere else legally. Stay on the marked trails. Only ATV's are allowed on the trails. Dirtbikes and Light Ultility Vechicles are NOT allowed. Trails are marked with a white blazer.



Fall season is from Sept 16th untill Nov 30th the trails are still open. You may ride on ANY atv and snowmobile trail and any forest road that is at least 8 feet wide. You may not ride if its marked closed to motorized vechicles.


Winter season is from Dec. 1st untill March 31st. You may ride the frozen trail system once the ground is frozen. These are green blazers. Once there is 4 inches of snow you may ride the whole winter trail system that is marked with blue blazers.


From March 31 until the summer season ALL trails are closed